UXY 3203 Desktop Robot with (Cable Connector+3x Hibar Pump)

  • Manufacturer: Janome Sewing Machine Co.,LTD
  • Model: JR3203N-AC
  • Condition: Maintained well and condition good

The UXY 3203 Desktop Robot include the below item:-
(cable connector+3x hibar pump)
- Teaching pendant
- I/O SYS Cable(2m)
- I/O SYS connecter
- Nozzle fixture
- Programming cost
* Work Fixture is not included
* Include Training (5 Hours) for first time installation
* Include onsite installation
UXY Robot Specification :-
Operating Range
X & Y Axes : 200x200mm
Z axes : 50mm
Maximum Portable Load
X axis (Workpiece) : 7kg
Y axis (Tool) : 3.5kg
Maximum Speed (PTP Drive)
X & Y Axes : 700mm/sec
Z Axis : 250mm/sec
X & Y Axes :+/-0.006mm
Z Axis : +/- 0.006mm
External Dimension
W x D x H : (323 x 387 x 554)mm
Robot Weight : 20kg

UXY 3203 Desktop Robot with (Cable Connector+3x Hibar Pump)

Seller Info
Nitto Denko Asia Technical Centre Pte Ltd
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