Spill Pallet

  • Manufacturer: Jonesco
  • Model: SJ-100-006
  • Condition: Used for 9 months, good condition
  • Year of Make: 2019
  • Capacity: Size = 280MM X 1380MM X 1290MM, Capacity = 250L
  • Available for Export

Size: 280 x 1380 x 1290mm
Capacity: 250L

• Spill pallet for 4 drums
• Durable, removable platform
• Platform with hand inserts and holes for inspection & pump insertion
• Capacity meets/ exceeds European, UK and US regulations
• For static spill containment
• Remove drums before fork lifting
• Compatible with most forklifts and pallet trucks
• Low sump for ideal working height
• Fully recyclable, chemical resistant, UV-stabilised PE

Black and yellow spill palet, good condition.
Support 4 drums.
9 units available.
Price per unit

Spill Pallet

Seller Info
Neorecov Pte Ltd
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