BRANSON 2000Xct Welding System

  • Manufacturer: Branson Ultrasonics Corp
  • Model: xxi19113944
  • Condition: Maintained well and condition good

Purchase Year : 2019 & price is open to discuss, thanks !
Model: 20Xct2.5Xaec3.0b08, 2.5KW, 20KHz c/w
1) Power Supply 2000Xct 20:2.5
2) Actuator Xaec3.0
3) CJ 20 Converter
4) 20KHz Ti Green Booster
5) Actuator Interface & RF Cable
6) Leveling Plate

BRANSON 2000Xct Welding System

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Nitto Denko Asia Technical Centre Pte Ltd
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