Control Inverter

  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Model: VF200
  • Condition: Near Perferct
  • Year of Make: 2018
  • Available for Export

PM me for more detailed specification!

I am selling the equipment at very low due to relocating of company location. Willing to negotiate even lower price if buy with more quantity. Currently have less than 25 equipment available. The equipment uses Vector Control to Output Higher Torque at Low-Speed
Higher torque can be generated at low-medium speed (1Hz→150%) by making use of our Panasonic’s original vector control technology. Equipment with great fluctuation in loads and requiring a sufficient starting torque, for example, conveyor belts and turntables on which there are large numbers of semi-finished products, can be operate smoothly. In addition, the vector control technology also plays a significant role in the operation of the canned foods caulking machines, punching machines, injection molding machines, as well as other machines that require low-speed torque. Inverter with higher capacity is not needed in this case.

Control Inverter

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KTJ Elect Pte Ltd
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