Warning Slab for PUB Pipe-Blue

Excavation and the digging of trenches is risky work; it could be dangerous for the workers on site. Hence it is imperative to safeguard the workers from electrical shock and other hazards. Excavation/digging can also cause costly damages to underground Electrical Cables, Telecommunication Optical Fiber Cable Networks and Gas Distribution System, Industrial and also the Domestic Water Piping System.
Designed to protect underground telecom and power supply cables, LITAFLEX uPVC Cable Cover Plate (also called the Warning Marker Plate) eliminates disruption to business operations from earth work activities, such as excavation and digging. Manufactured from Polyvinyl Chloride, LITAFLEX uPVC Cable Cover Plate possesses high impact strength and complies with international standards. The wide range of bright, luminous colours with embossed raised lettering enables easy identification, thereby effectively signaling caution when digging trenches. LITAFLEX enjoys the cutting edge in the customization of Cover Plates in the South East Asian region; we have proven expertise in customizing both the colour and the embossed letterings. Furthermore, the ingenious design of the Interlocking Device.

Size 172mm (W) x 1600mm(L) x 2mm(T)
Price $4.00/Pc

Warning Slab for PUB Pipe-Blue

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Gets Construction Pte Ltd
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