10HP ROTA-SCREW Air Compressor

  • Manufacturer: ROTA-SCREW
  • Model: NKP-275F
  • Condition: Good working condition
  • Year of Make: 2016
  • Capacity: 10HP

1. 10HP ROTA-SCREW Air Compressor system, Germany technology

2. System consists:
i. One unit ROTA-SCREW Asymmetric rolling profile twin screw air compressor
ii. One unit Vertical air receiver tank

3. Size: 22″ OD x 72″ SL x 220PSI tank capacity 250L
iii. One unit Orion Refrigerated Air-Cooled Air Dryer

4. Model: ARX-10J
iv. One unit Orion super main line filter
v. One unit Orion super mirco-mist filter

10HP ROTA-SCREW Air Compressor

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