Universal Heavy-Duty Platform Trolleys

  • Manufacturer: Automation Company
  • Model: Various model to select
  • Condition: Well maintain condition
  • Capacity: Various type of capacity
  • SOLD

1. Type M-FC-B
Sizes – L4m x W3m x H0.3m
Max. SWL – 3850kg
Qty available – SOLD

2. Type S-VC-S
Sizes – L2.53m x W3m x H0.3m
Max. SWL – 700kg
Qty available – SOLD

3. Type M-VC-B
Sizes – L2.53m x W3m x H0.3m
Max. SWL – 850kg
Qty available – SOLD

4. Type L-HB-S
Sizes – L3m x W3.15m x H0.43m
Max. SWL – 700kg
Qty available – SOLD

5. Type L-HB-B
Sizes – Sizes – L5m x W3.15m x H0.43m
Max. SWL – 14,000kg
Qty available – SOLD

With large surface platform will be an ideal equipment for material handling transporting bulky items within factory space.

– Come with 4 x 360deg heavy duty castors with direction lock on every wheel.
– Chequered plates on trolley surface.
– Front and back of trolley attached with Master Mover tow plate, this will provide the flexibility to park at confine space.
– Good working condition.
– Free to view on actual sample

– The trolley requires Master Mover to tow and manoeuvre the trolleys and the Master Mover have to be purchased separately.
– Price do not include delivery and can be included with additional charges.

Universal Heavy-Duty Platform Trolleys

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