NC Pipe-Bending Machine

  • Manufacturer: CHINA
  • Model: Tube Bender 75
  • Condition: Working condition
  • Year of Make: 2018

Maximum bending R for carbon pipe is: 1.5D Ф76.2*2.0t
Maximum bending R for S.S Pipe is 1.5D Ф69.9*2.5t
Max R for bending 250mm
Max angle for bending 185°
Bending process for every pipe 9
Oil pressure 14mpa
Electrical motor power 7.5kw
Weight 2200kg
Size(CM) 4200*850*1100
Comes with:
1 set mould D25.4 x 1.5mm, R1.5D
1 set mould D31.75 x 1.5mm, R1.5D
1 set mould D38.10 x 1.5mm, R1.5D
1 set mould D44.45 x 1.5mm, R2.0D
1 set mould D50.8 x 1.5mm, R2.0D

NC Pipe-Bending Machine

Seller Info
SMS Machinery (S) Pte Ltd
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