15kw Output Semicore Solar Panels (Photovoltaic Type)

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  • Listed on: 29-Aug-2022
  • | Function: Power Sources
  • | Price: S$ 25,566

  • Manufacturer: Semicore
  • Model: CETC-405M(H)/144
  • Condition: New
  • Available for Export

Model: CETC-405M(H)/144

- 15Kw Power Output
- Peak Power 405 Watt (Per Solar Module)
- Inverter PV(Max): 1000 D.C

Photovoltaic Solar System (PV Cell) by Semicore with D.C to A.C Grid-Tied PV Inverter from Goodwe and Breaker Panel

Full Set Includes

– 35 Photovoltaic Module units
– Goodwe GW15K-DT Inverter
– Optional Control Box with
connection for Lighting Arrestor,
Circuit Breaker (415V,3PH, 50HZ)
– 100m Photovoltaic Cable 1x4mm
– MC4 Male and Female Plug
– C Type Galvanised Steel Channel
– Hexagon Sockets
– Tile Hooks
– Medium and Side Pressure Plates
– Side Pressure Brackets
– Base Plates

More details available on request

Kindly contact us at

or +65 62641722, if you would like to know more about the Photovoltaic Solar System

Note: ASSE Technologies is only the equipment seller and is not licensed to Install, Start-up and Commission this system

15kw Output Semicore Solar Panels (Photovoltaic Type)

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Aero Supplies Systems Engineering Pte Ltd
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