Retractable Dock Shelters

  • Manufacturer: MHE-Demag
  • Model: Retractable Dock Shelters

Reduce energy loss, maintain internal temperature.

Dock seals, shelters and tunnels are used in many loading docks to reduce energy loss, maintain internal temperature as well as protect products and packaging from outside elements such as rain, inclement weather, dust, insects and other external pollutants. It also helps to promote safety and reduces the risk of theft at the loading bay.

Rigid Truck Shelters

Rigid shelters offer great versatility as they can accommodate the widest range of vehicles. Heavy-duty curtain fabrics mounted on steel frames around the door opening envelope the truck or trailer, creating a seal all around. This helps to protect goods and personnel from rain, dust, insects and extreme weather conditions.

Retractable Truck Shelters

Where flexibility of operation is required, retractable truck shelters may be the answer. MHE-Demag offers a few types of truck shelters which can be extended or retracted, such as in tight areas, open yards and outdoor loading docks.

Retractable Dock Shelters

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