MHE Stacker Parking Systems

  • Model: MHE Stacker Parking Systems

MHE Stacker Parking Systems
Provide two parking levels in the space of one.

The MHE Doppeldecker Series are Stacker Parking Systems which provide two parking levels in the space of one. They come as dependent or independent systems, depending whether they are constructed in above ground or in a pit.

The MHE Doppeldecker DS2 provides two parking levels in the space of one. The dependent stacker parkers do not require a pit. However, the lower vehicle needs to drive out of the parking bay before the upper deck can be lowered. Safety sensors ensure that cars are not accidentally lowered while a car is still on the ground level. Dependent stacker parkers are typically used alongside valet parking services.

Post Sharing Option
The posts of the Doppeldecker stackers can be shared when they are installed side by side to save costs and precious land space.

Smart Lifting Mechanism
Thanks to a hydraulic double stage cylinder the Doppeldecker have a very fast lifting speed. When the platform moves down it is powered by gravity, so there is no electricity consumption for the hydraulic power pack. Even in case there is a complete power failure, the upper car can still be retrieved manually with the operation of a solenoid valve.

Enhanced Safety Features
We are offering the safest parking machine in the market and the equipment is built in strict accordance to the CE standard. As a standard, we provide the following safety features for the lifting mechanism:

Dynamic locking device with mechanical lock block every 10 cm of the post
A limit switch to stop lifting mode when maximum height is reached
A photo cell limit switch monitors whether the lower parking bay is occupied, to ensure the upper deck can only be lowered when the space is free. This is a crucial feature to ensure that cars are not damaged by misue of the system.
Power pack protection through pressure relieve valves and pressure comensation flow control valves
Emergency button to stop all operations of the Doppeldecker immediately.

MHE Stacker Parking Systems

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