Large Capacity Pump

  • Manufacturer: Godwin
  • Model: Godwin Dri-Prime CD300M Pump
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Year Of Make: 2015
  • Available for Export

Suction Connection: 300 mm (12" BS 10 table 'D')
Delivery Connection: 300 mm (12"BS 10 table 'D')
Max Capacity: 1360 cu.m/hr
Max Head: 57 meters
Max Solid Handling: 95 mm
Max Impeller diameter: 362 mm
Max Operating Temperature: 80 deg C
Max Working Pressure: 6.1 bar
Max Suction Pressure: 4.0 bar
Max Casing Pressure: 9.1 bar
Max Operating Speed: 1800 rpm

Fitted with attenuated enclosure.
Running Hours – Less than 100 hrs.
Stored indoor as emergency unit.

Large Capacity Pump

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