Dock Seals

  • Manufacturer: MHE-Demag
  • Model: Dock Seals

Preventing airflow in and out of the dock.

Compression Dock Seals

Where a standard size truck is being serviced in a loading dock, compression seals are the
most effective and economical solution. These seals are made with foam or cushions wrapped
with heavy-duty vinyl and are installed around the opening of the dock door. When the truck
reverses backwards into the dock, it presses against the seal, thereby creating a seal
against the pads and preventing airflow in and out of the dock.

CDS1000 Series – Fixed Head Pad

Compression dock seals with foam-filled head and side pads provide the most effective seal
and the most economical solution for 8′ to 9′ high doors.

CHDS 1000 Series

Compression dock seals with a curtain style head member and foam filled side pads provide an
effective seal and the most economical solution for door sizes 10′ and higher.


Virgin polyurethane foam cut in-house to your specifications
Heavy-duty treated wood
Models made with 22oz vinyl have an extra layer of 22oz vinyl sewn into the back surface
of the side pads providing double protection
3′ wide yellow guide-stripe on full-length of side pads allows it to be spotted easily
by the vehicle driver
Breather vent holes on side pads and head pad allow air and moisture to be released
Inside draft flap to provide better bottom seal
Durable fabrics in a wide range of weights, styles and colours
The bottom of the side pads are tapered to prevent excessive wear
All hardware is galvanised or zinc-coated
Optional Upgrades for CDS and CHDS 1000 Series:

Wear Pleats: extra fabric flaps can be sewn to the front of the side pads and head pads
or curtains to provide added durability and to extend the life of the seal. Recommended
for heavy dock traffic
Wear Face: an extra layer of fabric sewn directly onto heavy wear areas at the front of
the side pads, inside the wedge area or across the head pad face. Recommended for heavy
dock traffic
Build-outs: wooden frames are constructed, then covered with fabric and designed to
extend the seal beyond an extra deep dock or platform situation
Galvanised steel back board

Dock Seals

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