Dock Ramps

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  • Model: Dock Ramps

Suited for applications where the installation of pit levelers is not feasible.

Mini-Dok (Edge of Dock Leveler)

The Mini-Dok is ideally suited for applications where the installation of pit levelers is not feasible or where standard fleet bed heights are serviced at the loading dock. It is mounted on the face of the dock wall to provide a safe and self-storing dock.

It is suitable for servicing standard size trucks with a working range of +/- 100 mm.

The Mini-Dok is available in two versions:

Mechanical (MD-CM) – equipped with a balanced spring-assisted lifting system providing push-pull operation with no lifting required
Hydraulic (MD-CH) – comes with push button control
Loading Ramps

In low duty warehouses, ease of use and portability is required in handling various types of trucks. MHE-Demag offers loading ramps and bridges specifically for this purpose. There are a few versions of loading ramps, some are fixed to the edge of the dock, whilst some are portable and can be moved around.

KRSAL Aluminium Fixed Loading Ramp

The KRSAL loading ramp is made of high strength aluminium to ensure lightweight manual operation. It can be fixed and welded to the dock with a curb angle along the dock edge, or with rails, which allows it to be moved laterally. These ramps are suitable for small and fleet trucks with light goods.

The ramps are suitable for capacities of up to 4000kg and 6000kg.

KRSAP Portable Aluminium Ramp

The KRSAP portable aluminium ramp is useful for warehouses where a fixed structure cannot be installed, for example, in temporary warehouses, or where there are physical or structural limitations at the loading dock. It can be moved around with a trolley.

Rated for capacities of up to 6000kg.

Dock Ramps

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